Prism Metals (P) Ltd. Have made inroads into minerals like Bauxite and its derivatives where it has long term arrangement in place for sourcing quality minerals and its products. Our business associates have long hands with large reserves of mines and/or manufacturing facilities to deliver high quality Bauxite products.
The sourcing of bauxite is from gibbsitic variety of bauxite mines. The mines of our associates are in close proximity to all weather ports.

Port Facility

The location of our dry port is within a radius of 200 to 350 kms from the port area which gives competitive edge for infrastructural networking.

Chemical Composition%
Elements Percentage
Al2O3 12 to 15
SI2O3 2 to 3
TIO2 4 to 6.0
LO1 25 to 28
Moisture 2 to 2.5